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Jolene's Year Long Intensive Group Mentoring Program
Calling All Heart Centered 
Business Owners   
Would You Love 2017 To Be 
Your Best Year Yet?
Have you been feeling the calling more deeply, to dive deep in to your greatest purpose and to share your gifts and talents with the world?
Have you been fearing being more visible, and are holding back but secretly yearning to share your valuable messages and gifts with the world?
Do you feel like you have been going it alone for way too long and are ready to be surrounded and supported by your peers from across the globe? 
Your time is NOW!

Jolene Trister

Intuitive Psychic/Medium and Entrepreneur

"If you are serious about unlocking your divine inner gifts and creating exponential growth within your business, you will require a mentor who’s done it before. 

For this reason, I’d like to personally offer you the chance to join my year long intensive mentoring group program, where you will receive valuable mentorship and accountability, surrounded by like minded individuals who are also on a trajectory path of greatness." 

It’s time for you to blast through this resistance and follow that deep inner yearning and soul calling. It's time to share those powerful and life changing gifts of yours. I will help you walk gracefully but powerfully into creating your souls purpose, and sharing your gifts more prominently with the world.

This year long mentoring is designed with YOU at it’s core. The group is an intimate group of just 10 people, (more groups may open up in future but only ever consisting of 10 in each one). You will have the deep support required for making these huge life changes. You are an extension of your business. Therefore it is essential that you are shining and sharing with the world those precious gifts of yours in the right way. There are too many clones and not enough uniqueness within our world! Don’t be a clone and don’t go it alone! I believe everyone has many beautiful unique gifts within them, and it’s time to unleash yours now, this 2017. Don’t be left behind, and alone - come join us now, and start living your truth, doing it YOUR way, with incredible loving support and direct guidance to help you stay on track.

Sheila Kadeer

Jolene Shares Her Secrets To Success With You

Each month I will be sharing exclusive content including video training, exclusive interviews with special guests including a well known Hollywood actor and a Hollywood film director, plus lots of others, Facebook live sessions just for the group, tips and tools just for YOU to help you accelerate throughout your business including how to blast through your blocks, being more visible (and getting through the fear of being seen), reaching your target audience, creating timeless products, how to write great captivating content, getting clear on your message and purpose. I'll also be sharing how I've built a social media following of over 68,000 people and got my own column in magazines such as Soul & Spirit. Plus much much more.

My Guarantee To You

I will be by your side every step of the way. Giving you an arm round the shoulder when needed and a friendly kick in the behind when that's needed too. If after 3 months of being on the program (as long as you've given everything a go that I personally suggest to you) and you are not happy, I will refund your 3 months in full, no questions asked. 

For me it's really important that I make this decision extremely simple for you. Giving you this guarantee allows you to go all out for 3 months. I know if you do that you'll be flying. I simply want to give you piece of mind. 

Camilla Kristiansen, Cruelty Free Stylist And Entrepreneur

About Jolene 
Jolene is a third generation International Psychic/Medium, Life Coach, Author, Writer, Motivational Speaker and Entrepreneur. She teaches worldwide on being open to using our own intuition.  She is now a regular blogger for the popular global Huffington Post and she is a columnist writer and blogger for the popular UK Soul & Spirit Magazine. Jolene also writes occasionally for global entrepreneur magazine, ASPIRE. 

Jolene has featured on a variety of TV channels, including MTV in 2010, and she was a regular featured guest on Sky Psychic TV Channel 886 during 2011, 2013 & 2014.  Her first book ‘A Reminder’ launched in April 2012, and it was published by a Division of Hay House (Balboa-Press) in the USA and UK. Both Neale Donald Walsch and Sonia Choquette have endorsed the book.‘A Reminder’ the book, was based on Jolene’s oracle card deck ‘The Reminder Cards’ to help enhance one’s intuition. The Reminder Cards (also known as Divine Reminders), have been selling successfully across the globe since 2010. The oracle cards have now also been made into a free app on the iTunes store, available on all IOS devices. 

Jolene has featured on a variety of both national and international talkshow radioshows, and WebTV shows. Jolene spoke at the IGNITE National Entrepreneur’s Women’s Conference in November 2012, and she was also shortlisted for a national award for Business Growth in 2012.  

In September 2012, Jolene was invited to speak on the Activia Expert Stage at the Vitality Boutique Show, where she presented her talk called '7 Steps On Using Your Intuition'. She spoke on the Expert Stage at The Vitality Show at Earls Court in March 2013, and she regularly speaks at various Mind, Body & Spirit Shows across the UK. 

Jolene has a growing database of fans, including celebrities worldwide. You can find out more and connect with Jolene here; 
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